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Model 3200
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Stainless Steel Dual Burner
Sorry, we are sold out and cannot supply. Our supplier has discontinued this burner and we have no substitutes.
Dual Stainless H Burner with Twin Straight Venturi Tubes that go down the post of the grill. The burner is approximately 19 1/2 inches wide and the length of the straight venturi tubes is approximately 7 inches.
Cast Iron Burner
At various times over the years, cast iron replacement burners have been made for older Charmglow models. The quality of these burners has been inconsistent, from poor to fair. We do not stock or sell cast iron burners for Charmglow grills. We recommend and sell the stainless burner listed above.
Warming Rack
Chrome Plated Warming Rack. Size: 5 1/8 by 24 3/4 inches. $8.95
Chrome Plated Cooking Grid
P/N CG13
Made in the USA. Chrome Plated Cooking Grid. 2 required. Size: 11 3/4 by 14 3/8 inches. Need 2 cook grids per grill. Select quantity 2 for each grill you have. (CG13/7401S0021) $13.95
Porcelain Coated Cooking Grids
Sorry, we are sold out of this HEJ, two piece porcelain coated cook grid set. It has been discontinued by our supplier. We do have in stock replacement chrome cook grids for HEJ, part number cg13. By September 30, we will be offering a stainless steel cook grid set for the HEJ. Please check back.
Porcelain Coated Wire Cooking Grid. 2 required. Size: 11 3/4 by 14 3/8 inches. Need 2 cook grids per grill. [q]
Stainless Steel Rod Cook Grid
Made in the USA. Solid stainless steel (304 grade) rod cook grid. Sturdy 1/4 inch diameter rod provides durable cooking surface. Each cook grid measures 14 1/4 inches front to back and 12 inches wide. Designed and made to fit the classic Charmglow models HEJ and 3000 series. Two individual cook grids to fill grill cooking compartment. Upgrade and replacement for chrome cook grid and porcelain cook grid. $21.75
Rock Grate
Sorry, in an effort to keep supplying rock grates for these old Charmglows, we ordered a quantity some time ago, they have developed some rust in our warehouse. We have reduced the price to 10.00. Please donít order if you wonít be happy. Thanks.
Made in the USA. Steel Rod Rock Grate. Size: 12 by 22 3/4 inches.
72 Ceramic Briquettes
These high quality ceramic briquettes are made in the U.S.A. and are the choice of many grill manufacturers. We special offer them as our choice for replacement grill briquettes. Ceramic briquettes, each approximately 2 inches square, flat on the bottom and forming a four-sided pyramid shape on top to absorb and burn up the grease. By ordering here, you will receive a quantity of 72 individual ceramic briquettes. $27.95
for 72 briquettes
Made in the USA. 72 Ceramic Briquettes, popular for over 15 years, about 2 inches square, flat bottoms & a 4-sided pyramid shape on top to absorb & burn up the grease. [Sunbeam] $27.95
Dual Valve
Charmglow produced a limited number of grills with "dual" valve and single control knob. The burner had two venturi tubes that went down the post and with the on knob you could turn on one side or the whole burner. Some model numbers were HEJ-1T or 3200. Unfortunately, we are sold out of this dual valve with the single knob and have no source for more. Cannot supply.
No longer available.
Mounting Block
Sorry, we can no longer supply the valve mounting block. We are sold out and do not know of any substitutes.
Mounting Block for Propane Valve: This is the cast aluminum block that goes below the propane valve to hold the valve in place on the post. Comes with brass mounting screw. Use pipe dope or Teflon tape to seal it when screwing mounting adapter onto valve.
Natural Gas Regulator
P/N VLV16Reg
We are sold out of this natural gas regulator. We have tried for over a year to replenish our inventory... without success. We cannot supply and do not have an alternative source to suggest. We do not expect this regulator to be available ever again and have no substitutes to suggest to use as replacement.
Natural Gas Regulator: On natural gas models of the CC1, there is a natural gas regulator mounted in the post below the grill. The natural gas regulator has a mounting screw that holds it in place on the post.
No Longer Available.
Handle Kits: Charmglow used two different handle kits in different model years. Please make a choice from the two styles below. The front handle kit goes across the front of the top lid of the grill. The side handle kit goes in the side of the top casting. Details below.
Front Wooden Handle Kit
Front Wooden Handle Kit. Two holes in front casting of grill to mount wood handle across front. Includes Hardware. $8.50
Side Handle
Side Wooden Handle Kit. Side wood handle mounted on side of top casting through single hole. (MCM 25950) $5.95
Adjustable Side Wooden Handle Kit.
Charmglow grills used to have a side wooden handle that went in the lid of the grill and had an adjustable arm that could prop the lid open at different heights. These adjustable handle is discontinued and no longer available. You can substitute the Side Wooden Handle Kit listed above to open and close the lid. But opening adjustment is not available.
No longer available.
24 Inch Post
P/N P2
Sorry, we are sold of the 24 inch post and it is not available any longer. We have checked with our suppliers and it is a discontinued item. No longer available. If you see it elsewhere still in stock, we suggest you buy it.
24 inch post. 3 inches in diameter. Can be used for either the old Charmglow rollaround cart or the round pedestal base.
No Longer Available.
9 1/2 inch Post
P/N MC1395
Sorry, we are sold of the short 9 inch post and it is not available any longer. We have checked with our suppliers and it is a discontinued item. No longer available. If you see it elsewhere still in stock, we suggest you buy it.
9 1/2 inch long post. 3 inches in diameter. Used on some cart models. (MCM1300)
No Longer Available.
48 Inch Post
P/N P1
48 inch in ground post. 3 inches in diameter. $49.00
Pedestal Base
Round aluminum pedestal base for 24 inch post. Pedestal base accepts a 3 inch diameter post. $59.00
Post Collar Kit
Post Collar Kit. On some Charmglow models, there was a two-piece post collar (like a dog collar) that secured the 3 inch post to the bottom of the grill casting. This has not been available since 1990. We have none in stock and no substitute. Sorry.
Owner's Manuals, Instruction Books, and Parts List. The original Charmglow company went out of business approximately 25 years ago. We have no owner's manuals, instruction books, or parts list to provide for these grills. Sorry.
Other Parts: Sorry, we have no top or bottom lid castings for the Model 3200. We have no cart parts, no legs, wheels, wheel axles, wheel hub caps, or control panels for this model.
Rotisseries, Covers, and Accessories. Sorry, we don't stock, sell or have any rotisserie kits, rotisserie motors, rotisserie parts, covers, shelves or any other accessories for old Charmglow models. And, unfortunately, we have no referral information for these items either.

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